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Ram Installation

How to Install Your New Mac Ram/Memory

When you upgrade your Macís memory, make sure you order the right kind of RAM (we can help you to get the right memory) and check the instructions below for installation. In the old days, adding ram to a mac sometimes involved dismantling the whole machine (ie vaguely recall a horrible experience with the first of the iMacs (the coloured ones!) that involved taking out all of the innards bar the monitor to get to the ram slot!). These days, Apple has made it a sinch to add new memory. Which is a good thing, because most Macs need a memory boost!

If you haven't ordered your ram yet, buy it from MacRam and it should be with you within a few days!

Listed below are the types of Macs and the corresponding link to find the respective instruction manual on the Apple website. Some are missing because we haven't found them yet!

Mac Pro Ram/Memory Installation Instructions

Mac Pro 8 Core or Quad Core† 

Mac Pro original and 8 core

Macbook Pro Ram/Memory Installation Instructions

Macbook Pro - Generic

Macbook Pro 15 inch - Late 2008

MacBook Pro 17-inch - Late 2008

Macbook Pro 17 inch - Early 2009

MacBook Ram/Memory Installation Instructions

MacBook (generic)

Macbook 13 inch - Late 2008

MacBook (Aluminium 2008)

iMac Ram/Memory Installation Guide

iMac (all models - memory specs and upgrades summary)

iMac G4 Flat Panel 15 inch

iMac G5 20 inch

iMac G5 17 inch

iMac (early 2008)

iMac (mid 2007)

iMac early 2009

Power Mac
Ram/Memory Installation Guide

Power Mac G5

Power Mac G4 (Gigabit Ethernet)

eMac Ram/Memory Installation Manual

eMac 2005

eMac USB 2004

MacMini Ram/Memory Installation Manual

Macmini Intel based

Macmini Early 2006

Macmini Intel based (Mid 2007)

Macmini Early 2009

iBook Ram/Memory Installation Manual

iBook G3 14 inch

iBook dual USB

iBook G4 (mid 2005)

iBook G4 (late 2004)

PowerBook Ram/Memory Installation Instructions

PowerBook G3 series

PowerBook G3 Bronze Keyboard

PowerBook G4 12 inch - 1.33ghz

PowerBook G4 15 inch - Original

PowerBook G4 15-inch (1GHz/867MHz)

PowerBook G4 15-inch (1.33GHz/1.5GHz)

PowerBook G4 15-inch (1.67-1.5GHz)

PowerBook G4 17-inch (1.67GHz)

PowerBook G4 17-inch (1.5GHz)

PowerBook G4 12-inch (1.5 GHz)

PowerBook G4 17 inch - 2003

PowerBook G4 - Mid 2005

With these easy installation links, you can upgrade the memory of your Apple Mac all by yourself. The instructions are accompanied with pictures, so it should be pretty straightforward. If you think it could be beyond your comfort level or skill level, just contact your local Mac support person. They'll be able to install the ram for you.