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Norbert R. Queensland

Tuesday 01 June, 2010

Upgraded my iMac to Snow Leopard and from 1GB to 2x2GB.
At first bought Ram from a different (local) retailer, it failed and it was assumed that this was due to a bus speed incompatibility or an unknown issue with my machine. I received the "sorry can not help any further".
Then I read on MacRam's page about their success guarantee and ordered on-line. At first I could only use 1 plus 2 GB, not all 4. One e-mail to MacRam and they investigated, kept me informed and even though the issue appears to be related to my machine, resolved my issue with a replacement kit of different origin. 100% success. Could not be happier about a company taking SERVICE and the customer seriously! Thank you MacRam.
Testimonial By: Norbert Raetzsch — Virginia, Australia

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