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Why Upgrade Your Ram

Advantages of Upgrading Your Mac's Ram


You may be wondering: “Why should I upgrade my Mac’s RAM (Random Access Memory)?”  Here is a great list of the Top 5 reasons that you should do so:

5.  Multitasking – The more RAM you have, the more programs you can have open at the same time.  It’s as simple as that.  This is very important if you want to be as efficient as possible.  Maybe you want to be talking on Skype while editing graphics for your website in Adobe Photoshop; meanwhile, at the same time, you are checking your email and reading your favorite blogs.  You also browsing the web with Firfox and have 30 tabs open (or maybe that is just me!). Extra RAM can make all this possible.

4.  Quicker Opening of Programs – The extra RAM allows for faster booting of programs.  It can be extremely frustrating when you sit in your chair, staring at your monitor for minutes on end just waiting for a memory intensive program to open.  Getting more RAM will make your Mac faster and keep you from going insane.

3.  Quick DIY Upgrade – The extra RAM in your Mac will allow you to keep first rate speed without having to bring your computer in for repairs.  Sometimes, a computer starts to get slow.  A quick fix for this problem is to put more RAM in your Mac.  It is a great way to get your computer up to top speeds once again.

2.  Better Web Surfing, Better Productivity, Better Gaming – The internet is constantly evolving.  Pages are becoming fancier and more creative by the day.  Sometimes, computers can slow down while loading all of these flash banners and web pages on various sites.  More RAM will help keep your computer speeding along and will allow those web pages to load faster.
Maybe you use your Mac for work, and you have an extremely resource-intensive job, like Video Editing or 3D Modeling.  Or maybe you even do video editing as a hobby in iMovie.  These jobs are definitely no fun when your program keeps freezing up due to lack of RAM.  Help give these programs a boost with more RAM.
Finally, you will be able to actually enjoy yourself while playing games.  Say good bye to the days of long loading screens and choppy game play on your Mac.  With more RAM, you won’t see any more of those frustrating days of 10 frames per second game play.

1. It’s EASY and It’s CHEAP – RAM really speaks for itself.  Nobody can deny the fact that it keeps you off the verge of insanity. RAM is just that.  It’s easy.  All you must do is follow the directions given with the RAM.  It’s as easy as taking one part of your Mac computer off with a screwdriver, popping in the RAM, and putting the cover back.  To add to the plusses, it won’t take a huge bite out of your wallet.  Here, at macram.com.au, we sell RAM for much cheaper prices than all of our competition.

How much ram do you need?  As much as you can afford!  Really!  That's not (just) a sales pitch! Ram is so cheap these days that most people can afford to max out the ram on their Mac. And the performance boost you get makes this the cheapest and best upgrade around! If you're not sure of the maximum ram your Mac can take, then email us - and we'll let you know!